art services

Art performance: 6.000-10.000 DKK

Mothering the Mother 1-2-1 art performance: 650-2.000 DKK/hour

Artist Talk / Studio Visit: 3.000-5.000 DKK

Artist Consultancy: 1.000-1500 DKK/hour

Artist work (photographing, sketching, editing, meetings, planning, installation, text and images for promotion, jury and censor): 700-1.000 DKK/hour

First idea pitch for commissioned work: 10.000-15.000 DKK

Final sketch and production plan for a commissioned work: 30.000-60.000 DKK

Academic talk: 4.000-10.000

Teaching and workshops (including time for preparation): 1 hour= 700-1.200 DKK, one day= 6.000-10.000 DKK, one week= 22.000-30.000 DKK

Portrait photography: 2.000,- DKK

Birth Photography: 12.500-22.500 DKK