Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_inannainanna (Russ, Shiva, Klein), 2019-

Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_inannainanna (Russ, Shiva, Klein), 25’52” HDV, sound, 2019, (video collaboration with Stathis Tsemberlidis)

The first version of the text Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_inannainanna (Russ, Shiva, Klein) (2019), was written to be performed (through improvisational, meditative, singing voice) in a public bus connecting two institutions of art in Copenhagen: The museum Glyptoteket, with its collection of art and archeological objects encompassing a time span of 6000 years, and the art center Copenhagen Contemporary, that exhibit contemporary art. The text was written specifically for this journey, but also for travelling in a broader sense – space travelling, mind travelling, time travelling. On the public bus, I was wearing a full body suit, a sound amplifier around my waist, and a microphone headset. Circulating between the two art institutions for a duration of six hours, I was continuously singing my text to a playback of the ambient sound generated by the planet Venus in space (electromagnetic waves translated into sound by NASA), which was emitted from the small amplifier around my waist, creating a meditative space in the midst of everyday humdrum of getting from point A to point B in a public transportation vehicle. Although the performance was announced in the program of the Copenhagen Art Week Festival, it was difficult for festival attendees to locate the work, since it circulated in public transportation. It was thus mostly experienced in fragments by passers-by, who might have been puzzled by the alien voice/body challenging social codes of conduct in public space.