Dear Daughter 2019/2020

Nanna Lysholt Hansen 
Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_inannainanna (Russ, Shiva, Klein) 
Dear Daughter/Anatomy of the Chthulucene (O'Connell Oh Oh Haraway) 
Dear Daughter/Motherboard Theories of Evolution (Braidotti, Plant et aliae)
Dear Daughter/Organic Cyborg Stories (After Donna Haraway) 

artist book, edition of 100
riso printed and handsewn 
published by Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology 
in connection with the exhibition Overgange//Transitions
The Women’s Museum, Denmark, 10 May - 29 September 2019 

75,- DKK each 
set of all four booklets (including cover box): 269,- DKK