Matrixial Tongues 2020

Matrixial Tongues, in-print-based performance and article contribution to Periskop – Journal for Art Historical Debate, Periskop no. 24. UNRULY: ARTISTIC RESEARCH BETWEEN DISCIPLINES AND BECOMING, December 2020.

The special issue of the Periskop is dedicated to artistic research as an unruly field, between disciplines and becoming. The special issue came into being during a pandemic, as planetary cracks deepen and social injustices, structural and systemic discriminations, inequalities, climate disasters, displacements, and wars continue to unsettle our present. This special issue asks: How can we reclaim artistic research? And how are artistic research practices engaging in the co-creation of other worlds in response to different forms of social crises and planetary destruction?The special issue is compiled of various voices, practices, and propositions that each draws different trajectories and avenues for artistic research as a field that is in a continuous process of becoming, with contributions by Julie Edel Hardenberg, Imayna Caceres, Lisa Nyberg, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Christian Danielewitz, Maria Finn, Christina Marie Jespersen, Sofie Volquartz Lebech, Mia Line, Gry Worre Hallberg, Helen Eriksen, Gry Ulrichsen & Zahra Bayati.The special issue journal is edited by Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Camilla Graff Junior, Lise Margrethe Jørgensen & Charlotte Hauch.Art work by Julie Edel Hardenberg
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