Closing the Bones, 2023-2024

Closing the Bones (2024)

Excerpt from 45 minutes video mediation of live performance Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_Inannainanna #6 ,

In the performance Lysholt collaborates with midwives and doulas who perform a collective mother care ceremony with the Cyborg Mother Goddess. This ceremony, known as the “closing of the bones” represents the transition from the openness of the body and so ul after birth to the return to a core connection. A doula herself, artist Nanna Lysholt has been exploring themes of birth and motherhood since 2013 through her art project Dear Daughter (2013–2023), a series of voice-based live performances, sculpture, and audio-video installations. The performance Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_Inannainanna #6 , 2023, marks a new beginning with the merging of artistic practice with doula practice.

video still: Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Closing the Bones, 45 minutes HDV, sound, 2024