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Nanna Lysholt Hansen is an artist, writer, researcher and birth doula based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In her work she investigates  relationships between the body, language, voice, gender and technology. By using her own personal experiences of the female body, sexuality, pregnancy, birth and motherhood she draws attention to the body as a technological and biological intergenerational mediator of knowledge, voice and memory.

Her artwork can be experienced as live performance or as the body manifests itself through hybrid technological forms, video, sculpture, sound and photography. Aspects of history, memory, gender, language and narratives are challenged in relation to the gaze on the body over time.

Nanna Lysholt Hansen holds a MFA degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen, Denmark (2011) and a BFA degree from Kingston University, Faculty of Art Design & Music, London, UK (2005). In 2009/2010 she studied at The Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, P.R. China, and in 2019/2020 she studied at Fødselsterapeuten Aps Copenhagen, to become a certified birth therapist.

Nanna Lysholt Hansen’s artistic practice includes curating, collaboration and teaching. She is the founder of NLHspace an exhibition platform in Copenhagen (2006-2016) and Nammu Birth doula support & birth photography in Copenhagen (2020-current). She is Chairperson at the Association for Danish Birth Photographers.

I teach performance art (group workshops) and artistic practice (individual tutoring, lecturing).

Also I do workshops and individual tutoring in mediation of performance (photography, printmaking, objects &s sculpture, video, sound and text)

I lecture in performance and mediation in relation to my own practice.

Contact me if you are applying for admission to art academies and are looking for mentoring in the application process. I will then make a course suited to your needs. Our meetings can take place physically or virtually.

My studio in Copenhagen is open by appointment

Studio: Vestbanevej 4, backyard, 2500 Valby

Office/Snail Mail: Vestbanevej 20,, DK-2500 Valby, Denmark

E: nannalysholthansen(at)

m: (0045) 60329184





GRANT: In 2024 I receive a grant from the Danish Arts Foundation to continue my work and artistic research.



SOLO EXHIBITION: Dura Mater, SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen, 8-30 May 2024
BOOK LAUNCH: Nanna Lysholt Hansen – Dura Mater, RSS Press, Fotografisk Center, August 2024


SOLO EXHIBITION Mother Mould, part II, Astrid Noack’s Atelier, Copenhagen, 8-18 December 2023

Friday 8 December: 4-7 PM Opening, performance Kore, standing, 5 PM

Saturday 16 December

4-7 PM Finissage & guest: bastard Press & editor Lise Margrethe Jørgensen

4.30 PM: Script, text, writing and performance: Nanna Lysholt Hansen in conversation with Lise Margrethe Jørgensen editor at bastard Press, and editor of Nanna Lysholt Hansen’s recent publication the camera body & OBSTETRICAL DEPARTMENT / birth / pregnant.

The project Mother Mould part II (Pia Mater/Det bløde materiale is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and Copenhagen City Council Raadet for Visuel Kunst

WORKSHOP Krydsfeltet performance og fysisk materiale, The Jutland Art Academy, 12-14 December 2023

BOOK LAUNCH: Nanna Lysholt Hansen, the camera body & OBSTETRIC DEPARTMENT, bastard Press, Friday 17 November 2023, Det Lilla Rum, Copenhagen
EVENT NAMMU BIRTH VOICE – Samtalerum og workshop om fødsel og familiedannelse i udvidet forstand 9 – 25 November 2023, Collega, Copenhagen. Part of the Exhibition Birthkeeper Altar.

Group show, Tabita Rezaire, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Olga Ravn, Lea Guldditte, September-December 2023

Exhibition Opening – Doula Workshop – Live Performance – Birth Preparation

LIVE PERFORMANCE Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_Inannainanna #6, Saturday 16th September 2023, 13.00-13.30, Sydhavnstippen (exact location and directions via

AWARD: In 2023 I receive Sven Hols’ Award for the work Miss (photo: Lise Margrethe Jørgensen)

LIVE PERFORMANCE Dear Daughter/Motherboard Theories of Evolution (w/ Braidotti, Plant, et aliae) #18, 24 February 7 PM, PERFORMANCErum Aarhus, DK

LIVE PERFORMANCE Sen_sing_inannainanna, Friday 18 november, 2022, SMK Copenhagen, kl.16.30 (Photo: Malthe Folke Ivarsson)

LIVE PERFORMANCE Miss, Vega ARTS Copenhagen Saturday 5 november 2022 (photo: Jonas Kjeldgaard)

Group show, Welcome to the Womb, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Tabita Rezaire, Anna Aagaard Jensen, Sahar Jamili, Gloria Foyer, Roskilde Festival 2022, Kore (Ningal), 2022, acrylic fiberglas, pigments, metal, 200x300x100 cm
The artist produces a human-sized sculpture of an ancient moon god to watch over all festival-goers. In addition, she will do a performance.

Like an alien serpent, a reproduction of an ancient sculpture will tower above all guests in the foyer of the Gloria stage. It is created by visual artist Nanna Lysholt Hansen

The sculpture is called Ningul and is a Sumerian moon god who gave birth to the belligerent goddess of love Inanna. Through history, stories have told of Inanna whose feminine sides are not only caring and sexy but also hostile.

Together with Nanna Lysholt Hansen’s performance – which is a chanting and enchanting bedtime song for her daughter, full of feminism and care for the environment – the sculpture becomes a common mother for the viewer, the Inannas of the future.

Nanna Lysholt Hansen mixes economics, ecology, diseases and feminism in her practice. In the performance, we also learn how the planet Venus, which is linked to Inanna, has been destroyed by huge amounts of CO2 emissions from its volcanoes. Inanna is our future for better or worse.

(Ida Schyum, Roskilde Festival Curator)

In 2022 I conduct artistic research with support from the Danish Art Foundation

Artist Talk & Performance Workshop
Nanna Lysholt Hansen – Body Mover Witness
 BGK ArtLab,Helsingør, 21 march 5-8 PM

Launch: My audio paper “Cyborg Mother Voices and Expanded Notions of Care”, is part of the issue SOUNDING FEMALE WORK: GENDER, TECHNOLOGY AND INFRASTRUCTURE IN NORDIC SOUND ART AND EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC in Seismograf, January 2022

Book Launch : My work “Dear Daughter/Anatomy of the Chthulucene” is featured in the book “Maternal Performance: Feminist Relations” co-authored by Lena Simic and Emily Underwood-Lee , Published by Palgrave Macmillan. At the online Launch on Tuesday 15th February I will give a presentation about my performance practice in connection to maternal matters, joined by artists Hannah Ballou (US/UK), Catriona James (UK), Lynn Lu (Singapore/UK), the book authers Lena Simic and Emily Underwood-Lee, and Prof. Elaine Aston, series editor of Contemporary Performance InterActions at Palgrave Macmillan.

Group Show: At være til: Dea Trier Mørch, Masar Sohail, Kinga Bartis, Nanna Lysholt Hansen
Vandrehallen Kunsthal, Hillerød Bibliotek
Exhibition 18 January – 12 March, Opening 17 January, 5-7 pm (Photo: Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Dura Mater #155, 2006/2016)

AWARD In December 2021 I have been awarded the Henry Heerup Honory Grant

Group Show: 4-19 December 2021, M100 (video still: Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Heater, dv, 2012)

GROUP SHOW m/other 01.10.2021-01.11.2021, curated by Laboratory of Aesthetics and Ecology, C/o The Association for Arts and Mental Health, Copenhagen, Hans Bogbinders Alle 3, 2300 Amager

FESTIVAL HAUT Works in Process, 15-17 October 2021

Hybrid performance Anatomy of the Chthulucene 18 September 2021, 3 PM Huset, Aalborg (Photo: Mille Holtegaard)

Performance: Anatomy of the Chthulucene 2 October 2021, 5 PM, Rundetaarn, Copenhagen

WORKSHOP: Børneværksted – Kroppen som lærred
Sunday 3rd October 1-4 PM, Rundetaarn, Copenhagen

Group show Transitions #2, Rundetaarn 4 September – 31 October 2021

Group show The Chthonic Ones @#vigenstarteraalborgsammen 4-30 September 2021 Skulpturparken Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond

Screening, discussion, workshop and live performance Hand of Inanna Utzon Center, Aalborg, 24-25 June 2021

Hand of Inanna by Nanna Lysholt Hansen is a performative, filmic, and dialogical artistic engagement. The project seeks to confront the interconnected pandemic, ecological, and economic crises, by utilizing imaginative and utopian strategies as initial points of departure. Lysholt Hansen is particularly interested in exploring the moods, feelings, and needs necessary for the creation of sustainable futures. Through embodying a cyborg mother goddess, the artist invokes sci-fi and speculative fiction motifs combined with vivid references such as the Sumerian poet Enheduanna and NASA recordings of the planet Venus, to meditative gestures and her own vocal presence. By positioning the body and voice as tools of resistance, via eco-feminist questions related to solidarity, care, family, and community, Lysholt Hansen asks – how can we more clearly listen and live together in times of crisis and in the future?

Identifying the need to address topics such as climate change, spirituality, healing, and a broader relationship to ecology, Hansen’s practice employs different forms and formats. The work consists of a vocal workshop, film screening, performance, and public dialogue taking place within the architecture of Aalborg’s Utzon Center. The project will unfold over the course of a two-day choreography within the sweeping, lofty interior as an artistic journey into the underworld and back – to create knowledge sharing, build trust and strength, and inspire new forms of community building.

This project is generously supported by the Danish Arts Foundation. The video work Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_inannainanna (Russ, Shiva, Klein), 2019 is made in collaboration with the artist Stathis Tsemberlidis.

Performance Inanna Ourania, Walking Landscapes Aalborg, 29 June 2021, 9 AM – 9 PM
Launch of the special journal issue of Periskop: ‘Unruly: Artistic Research between Disciplines and Becoming’
Thursday 20 May from 4 – 6 pm
Sorte Firkant, Blågårdsgade 29, 2200 KBH N
And online: via zoom.

With presentations by the contributors:

Imayna Caceres
Christina Marie Jespersen
Gry Worre hallberg
Nanna Lysholt Hansen
Lisa Nyberg
And more tba.

The special issue of the Periskop is dedicated to artistic research as an unruly field, between disciplines and becoming. The special issue came into being during a pandemic, as planetary cracks deepen and social injustices, structural and systemic discriminations, inequalities, climate disasters, displacements, and wars continue to unsettle our present. This special issue asks: How can we reclaim artistic research? And how are artistic research practices engaging in the co-creation of other worlds in response to different forms of social crises and planetary destruction?The special issue is compiled of various voices, practices, and propositions that each draws different trajectories and avenues for artistic research as a field that is in a continuous process of becoming, with contributions by Julie Edel Hardenberg, Imayna Caceres, Lisa Nyberg, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Christian Danielewitz, Maria Finn, Christina Marie Jespersen, Sofie Volquartz Lebech, Mia Line, Gry Worre Hallberg, Helen Eriksen, Gry Ulrichsen & Zahra Bayati.The special issue journal is edited by Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Camilla Graff Junior, Lise Margrethe Jørgensen & Charlotte Hauch.Art work by Julie Edel Hardenberg

For more info about the journal:
The printed journal issue can be purchased during the launch for 75 kr

Dialogue participation and work presentation at the workshopvoice, figuration, affect, and collective listening” with Stina Hasse and Jane Jin Kaisen, The School of Media Arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen, 11 February 2021
Artist talk Nanna Lysholt Hansen – Cyborg Mother Voices: The body, the voice, memory and playback technologies, Kunsthøjskolen, Holbæk, 2. december 7 PM
Group show Transition at Rundetaarn, Copenhagen 6. November 2020 – 21. January 2021 POSTPONED DUE TO COVID19 – NEW DATES: 4. September – 31. October 2021
Public Conversation Zira Mater Matrix
Mette Garfield, and Nanna Lysholt Hansen
Astrid Noack’s Atelier, Thursday 24th September 5 PM

Solo Show Mother Mould, Astrid Noack’s Atelier, Copenhagen, 15-30. September 2020

Book Launch Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_inannainanna
1 July 2020, 5-8 PM
Sorte Firkant Blågårdsgade 29 A-E, 2200 Copenhagen

Group Show Anatomy of the Chthulucene / The Chthonic Ones
part of Overgange // Transitions
10 May – 29 September 2019 , The Women’s Museum, Aarhus, DK

Live performance Dear Daughter/Anatomy of the Chthulucene #10
11 September 2019, 17.30-18.00
The Women’s Museum, Aarhus, DK

Group Show Dear Daughter/Sen_sing_inannainanna #2 and Dear Daughter/Anatomy of the Chthulucene #7 and  part of Copenhagen Creatives 4-17.09.2019 Gallerie Tanit, Beirut, Libanon

Group Show Mund part of GIFC/Velvet Ropes
Galleri Golsa, Oslo, Norway

 Live Performance Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Sen_sing_inannainanna
6 hours live performance, bus  9A between Refshaleøen & Glyptoteket
Saturday 25 May 2019, 11 am -2 pm & 3-6 pm
in collaboration with Copenhagen Contemporary, Art Week Copenhagen, Glyptotekek

Screening Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Temporary Sculptures for Beijing Apartments, 2009-2010, (6x)45-60 min. digital video with sound
Copenhagen Contemporary  –  Art Week Copenhagen Opening Event
Thursday 23 May 2019, 5 pm – midnight

Group Show Dura Mater #402 part of Solidaritetssalon TALETID
6 April – 23 Juni 2019 Rønnebæksholm, DK

Screening “Dear Daughter/Organic Cyborg Stories” part of Balancing Actions: video screening curated by Myrel S. Chernick & Niku Kashef @ 107th CCA Annual Conference, NYC, 13-16 February 2019

Seminar Kunsthal Charlottenborg Art Talks: It Matters What Thoughts Think Thoughts  6.12.2018, 5-7 PM  Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Live Performance Nanna Lysholt Hansen -Dear Daughter/Anatomy of the Chthulucene #8
15.11.2018 @5.30 pm + 8.30 pm
SMK  – The national gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen  
SMK Fridays

Solo show Nanna Lysholt Hansen – Dura Mater
2-24.11 2018
M100, Odense,
supported by Beckett-fonden and The Danish Arts Foundation

Group show REAL ESTATE
12.10 – 18.11. 2018
Huset for Kunst & Design, Holstebro,

Live performance Tribune
12.10. 2018
Huset for Kunst & Design, Holstebro,

Live performance  Dear Daughter/Anatomy of the Chthulucene #7
Poesiens Hus, København,


Group show Copenhagen Creatives
7.9-7.10. 2018
Maison du Danemark, Paris,
supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

Nanna Lysholt Hansen – Kore, 2018 (photo by Kevin Malcolm)

Group show New Tactics – moving in a soft field
29.08 – 28.10 2018
Galleri Image, Aarhus,
supported by Kulturudviklingspuljen Aarhus


with support from the Danish Arts Foundation