My studio in Copenhagen is open by appointment

Studio: Vestbanevej 4, backyard, 2500 Valby

Office/Snail Mail: Vestbanevej 20,, DK-2500 Valby, Denmark

E: nannalysholthansen(at)

m: (0045) 60329184




Nammu Birth 2021-

NLHspace 2006-2016


studio manager / intern:

Nanna Lysholt Hansen (Studio Nanna Lysholt Hansen & Nammu Birth) is looking for a studio manager / intern.

We are looking for someone who will: 

  • Deeply engage in Nanna Lysholt Hansen’s art practice and also be part of the conversation about her work.
  • Assist with texts related to applications, exhibitions, educational workshops, public performances, press, and answering emails.
  • Assist in administrative work, sales and business matters, budgets and financial planning, fundraising
  • Assist in research for projects and organize research data.
  • Assist with production, organizing, and time management.
  • Assist in archiving digital works and organizing the studio, digital portfolio and presentation material.
  • Assist in website communication and website updates, with the option to create a web shop platform/online gallery management.
  • Sales of work: You earn percentage on the income.

You are not expected to do all the above mentioned tasks. Primary work areas – Communication, administration, and time management. You will be working from home, or at my studio in Valby (Vestbanevej), and on-site for specific projects in the Copenhagen area.

Projects in 2024 include:

Dura Mater, publication with Really Simple Syndication Press/book launch reception at Fotografisk Center

Solo Exhibition at SixtyEight Art Institute

Interested? Please have a thorough look at websites www.nannalysholthansen & as well as SoMe Studio Nanna Lysholt Hansen, nannalysholt_1 and Nammu Birth, and send your cv/letter of interest to: nannalysholthansen(at)